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  • Town Meeting, May 13, 2024

    The Town Meeting approved the inclusion of 5-7 Winter Street in the Multifamily Housing Overlay District, allowing the historic property owned by the Leone family since 1957 the right to redevelop, amidst discussions on the fairness and impact on historical buildings. Continue reading

  • School Committee, May 09, 2024

    The meeting focused on the effectiveness and response rates of mental health screeners in schools, as well as the successful implementation of the Cartwheel virtual mental health service, which provides immediate support to students. Continue reading

  • Town Meeting discusses Gaza Ceasefire, May 08, 2024

    Arlington Town Meeting voted not to express a formal opinion on the Gaza war, calling the matter outside the town’s jurisdiction and scope. Continue reading

  • Select Board, May 06, 2024

    The select board unanimously moved to sell a strip of town-owned land behind St. Athanasius Church on Acton Street and adopted revised guidelines for granting waivers under the fossil fuel free bylaw. Continue reading

  • Town Meeting, May 06, 2024

    Town Meeting voted in favor of a zoning bylaw amendment requiring new or expanded parking lots with more than 25 spaces to provide shade through trees or solar panels, aimed at reducing the urban heat island effect and making parking areas more environmentally friendly. Continue reading

  • Town Meeting, May 01, 2024

    The Minuteman High School’s budget was approved with increased investment in capital projects and a lower assessment for Arlington due to decreased enrollment, while Article 16 to ban the sale of pets in pet shops passed, emphasizing animal welfare and support for shelter adoptions. Continue reading

  • Zoning Board of Appeals, April 30, 2024

    The Arlington Board of Appeals unanimously approved a variance for a home addition at 529 Summer Street to accommodate a growing family and approved a special permit for a large addition to a home at 30 Mayflower Road, finding it harmonious with the neighborhood and in compliance with zoning bylaws. Continue reading

  • Redevelopment Board, April 29, 2024

    Board members unanimously approved amendments to the zoning bylaw, specifically removing the “inland wetland district” from overlay districts, and endorsed a zoning bylaw amendment for multifamily housing overlay districts that includes approving the map as directed by the attorney general’s office. Continue reading

  • Select Board, May 01, 2024

    The Arlington Select Board declined to use town time to advise Town Meeting on how to approach calls for a Gaza ceasefire proclamation. Continue reading

  • Town Meeting, April 29, 2024

    The Arlington Annual Town Meeting decided against a bylaw prohibiting focused residential picketing, but passed a new bylaw making it unlawful to sell new fur products in the town. Continue reading


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