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School Committee, May 09, 2024

Discussion Regarding Mental Health Screeners and SEL Initiatives

During the meeting, several updates were provided around SEL (Social Emotional Learning) initiatives and mental health screeners used within the school district. A significant amount of time was spent discussing the effectiveness of the mental health screeners at different grade levels. Concerns were raised about the discrepancy between the high rates of anxiety symptoms reported by younger students (elementary level) and those reported by older students (high school level), with a belief that the screener might be too sensitive and possibly misinterpreting normal life stress as anxiety.

Another point of discussion revolved around the response rate for the screener at the high school, which was notably lower than desired. This raised questions about whether the screener is accurately capturing student well-being or if students are opting not to participate fully. Discussion ensued regarding the potential of the Panorama survey tool to better address SEL competencies and emotional well-being by consolidating surveys and possibly yielding more accurate and representative data.

Cartwheel Mental Health Service

Updates were also provided on the implementation of Cartwheel, a virtual mental health service for short-term support. Positive feedback was received from parents and staff about the access it provides to immediate mental health care, which has been a significant improvement over previous long waiting lists for mental health services. Details on the utilization of Cartwheel were discussed, including the number of students currently accessing the service and the types of support they were receiving.

District Goals for the Upcoming Year

Draft district goals for the upcoming school year were discussed, highlighting numerous initiatives and action steps planned for each goal. Topics included improving academic experiences for specific student groups, the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) implementation, collaboration on collective bargaining agreements, and revising instructional technology vision. The committee decided to refer the draft goals to the Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Accountability (CIAA) subcommittee for further discussion and refinement.

Teacher Appreciation and Other Updates

Celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week and School Nurse Day was mentioned. There were also updates on administrative hiring searches and nearing tentative agreements with the teacher’s union with proposed salary increases and benefits. Updates were given on the Nature’s Classroom initiative, LGBTQIA Pride celebration, and other community engagement activities. Additionally, appointments and reappointments of various committee members for initiatives like the Arlington High School Naming Committee and the Permanent Town Building Committee were discussed and voted on.

Executive Session for AEA Unit A Contract

The meeting concluded with a votable motion to enter executive session to discuss strategy related to collective bargaining for the AEA Unit A contract. The chair declared that an open meeting might have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the public body, leading the committee to vote unanimously to enter the executive session. It was noted that the committee would not return to open session afterward.



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