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Redevelopment Board, April 29, 2024

Supplemental Report to Town Meeting (Article 28)

Amendment to Zoning Bylaw Section 4 1.2

Claire Ricker, the director of the Department of Planning and Community Development, introduced the supplemental report that reflects additional changes the board wished to make, particularly deleting the “inland wetland District” from the list of overlay districts in section 4 1.2. The board discussed and voted unanimously to amend the discussion content of the main motion and issue the supplemental report to the town moderator.

Public Hearing for 2024 Special Town Meeting (Article 3)

Zoning Bylaw Amendment for Multifamily Housing Overlay Districts

The public hearing for Article 3 was opened, addressing the zoning map for the multifamily housing overlay districts, with Claire Ricker explaining that the attorney general’s office identified a flaw in the original vote which failed to include the map. The board acknowledged that the map has not changed since the last fall and discussed the procedural necessity of approving the map at the special town meeting as directed by the AG’s office.

After the board discussion, public comments were taken on the proposed zoning bylaw amendment, with several community members raising questions and concerns regarding the process, the impact of the zoning changes, and the selection of certain areas for the overlay districts. Town council clarified procedural aspects based on the AG’s directive.

The board voted unanimously to recommend favorable action on Article 3, aiming to prepare a report for the town meeting scheduled for Monday at 6:30 p.m.

New Business

Memo Related to Inland Wetland District

A technical memo from David Morgan was circulated, addressing questions regarding the inland wetland district and associated implications for Article 28. Board members expressed appreciation for the memo’s contents and had no further questions.

Joint Meeting with Select Board on Parking

The board briefly discussed scheduling a joint meeting with the select board to address parking issues, targeting either June or September for the meeting. Claire Ricker was assigned to follow up and confirm the possibility of scheduling the meeting in June.

The meeting was adjourned unanimously.



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