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Select Board, September 11, 2023

Confirmation of Treasurer Appointment
The board unanimously confirmed Julie Wayman as the Town’s next treasurer and collector. Wayman, who has served the Town since 2016 and has been working in the Town Manager’s office since 2019, was praised for her diligence, hard work, and extensive knowledge of the town’s finances.

Proclamation for Hunger Action Day
The board issued a proclamation for Hunger Action Day, which was to be held on September 15th. The board encouraged residents to support efforts to alleviate food insecurity by volunteering and donating money or food.

Approval of Consent Agenda
The board approved a series of items on the consent agenda, including minutes from a previous meeting, requests for special one-day beer and wine licenses for various events, a temporary parking request for the Spooky Walk event, and an amendment to traffic rules and orders.

Public Hearing on Oldham Road Repair Request
The board held a public hearing regarding a request to repair a private way on Oldham Road. The board took public comments on the matter and will discuss the financial aspects at a later date.

Discussion on Private Ways and Maintenance
The committee discussed the issue of private ways and the town’s limited ability to intervene in their maintenance. The committee also discussed the possibility of increasing the fund size for betterment requests and potentially changing the terms of the fund to avoid future issues.

Appointment of Members to the Arlington Civilian Police Advisory Committee
The committee discussed the appointment of two members to the Arlington Civilian Police Advisory Committee. The committee agreed to nominate the two candidates for appointment by the town manager.

Discussion on Zoning Issue Related to Arlington Land Realty
The committee discussed an update on a zoning issue related to the Arlington Land Realty. The most recent development is that Arlington Land Realty has filed a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission.

Discussion on Thorndike Place Development
The board discussed the proposed Thorndike Place development. The board expressed their belief that the project is not suitable for the site due to the extensive wetlands in the area, but acknowledged that they have a comprehensive permit. The board’s duty is to ensure that every condition of the permit is complied with going forward.

Discussion on Senior Circuit Breaker Ballot Question
The committee discussed and voted on the senior circuit breaker ballot question, which would provide income-based local property tax relief for eligible residents over 65 years of age.

Discussion on Broadway Plaza Parklet at Fusion Taste
The committee discussed the Broadway Plaza Parklet at Fusion Taste, a restaurant at 303 Broadway. The town manager reported that the parklet seemed oversized and underutilized, and suggested reducing its size to free up parking spaces. The meeting concluded with a vote in favor of the proposed amendment to reduce the parklet to three parking spaces and three tables.

Discussion on Traffic Safety Concerns
The board discussed traffic safety concerns on Elmhurst Road and Brooks Avenue. The board decided to refer the matter to the Transportation Advisory Committee for further investigation and possible solutions.

Discussion on Sewage Problem in Alewife Area
One board member discussed the sewage problem coming from Cambridge overflow in the Alewife area and suggested putting up a sign warning of a public health hazard.

Discussion on Yard Waste Collection
One board member addressed the issue of yard waste collection, which has been a problem since Republic acquired JRM and took over the town’s trash collection contract. He assured the board that the town is aware of the issue and is working on it.

Discussion on Executive Session
The meeting began with a motion to enter an executive session to discuss strategy regarding impending litigation. The motion to enter the executive session was then seconded and approved by a roll call vote.



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