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Park and Recreation Commission, February 27, 2024

Special Event Requests

North Union Field – Girl Scout Troop 64772

The Girl Scout Troop 64772 requested a special event permit for an Easter Egg Hunt, and other games as a fundraiser. It was clarified that admission fees are not permitted on public land, and the event permit will be amended to reflect this. The event was approved with conditions by a vote of 4-0.

Menotomy Rocks Park – Redemption Hill Church

Tatyana Chernenko requested a special event permit for an Easter event. Despite concerns about parking and safety, the commission supported the event at Hills Hill due to better parking and access. The request was approved with changes to the location by a vote of 4-0.

Reservoir – Bark for Life and Hurd Field – Relay for Life

Amy Hortin and other coordinators spoke about their events for Bark for Life and Relay for Life. Concerns were addressed about the change of date, fundraising activities, and hosting the Relay for Life on a newly renovated field. The need for a bake sale permit from the Board of Health and further discussion on the Relay for Life using the newly renovated Hurd Field were noted. Both events were approved, Bark for Life with a 4-1 vote and Relay for Life unanimously.

Capital Project Updates

Robbins Farm Construction

Delays in the Robbins Farm project were discussed due to slide order timing and the need for handrails. Concerns about the changes to the schedule and costs were expressed, and the commission requested updates on the project.

Hills Hill

Plans for the Hills Hill mountain bike park were mentioned, with a public meeting scheduled. The commission will review final designs after public input.

Parallel and Menotomy Designs

Feedback from a recent public meeting for Parallel and Menotomy designs is being incorporated. Final plans for review are expected in April.

Rink Parking Lot Study

The contract for a parking lot study at the rink awarded to Stantec is pending signatures. The survey’s scope was clarified, and the importance of proceeding with ADA renovations to maintain funding was noted.

Drake Village Connection

Approval from the Conservation Commission for the Drake Village Connection project was received, with further action dependent on pricing.

Bench Donation Approval

A bench donation in memory of Mr. Parravano was discussed, with considerations on how to appropriately install plaques in both written and braille text.

Comments and Items for Future Meetings

Potential topics included a capital plan review, private preschool playground permitting, and an amphibian restoration project brought forward by a UConn student. Significant discussion surrounded the amphibian project’s research, release of organisms, and community engagement.

Ms. Rothenberg reiterated her concerns about the Relay for Life event size. Ms. Chapnick asked for clarification on the off-leash dog policy at Menotomy Rocks Park, and Mr. Lasker inquired about the status of the Futsal Court and issues regarding naming rights and sponsorships.

New Business

Updates were provided on the Artificial Turf Committee, with no updates from the Open Space Committee.

Public Comment

No public comments were noted.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 pm with a unanimous vote of 5-0.



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