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Finance Committee, March 06, 2024

Capital Planning Committee Presentation Recap

High School Renovation Update

  • Although not part of the capital plan, the high school renovation is a significant exempt project affecting town finances.
  • Currently, it’s progressing. A picture was shown of the ongoing work.

Committee Overview

  • Capital Planning Committee aims for a 5% budget allocation for non-exempt capital expenditures.
  • Town departments submit their requests, which the committee reviews through subcommittees.
  • Priority given to balancing spending while adhering to the 5% rule, avoiding unnecessary debt burden.

Capital Budget & Five-Year Plan

  • A vote is requested for the recommended budget for FY 25 and reappropriation of previously borrowed funds, also endorsing the five-year plan covering FY 25-29.

Capital Definition and Planning

  • Capital assets are items with a life expectancy of at least two years, unit cost of $3,000, or part of a larger purchase plan.
  • Capital improvements involve upgrades or extensions of asset life.
  • The committee acknowledges a shift in categorizing some IT cloud-based costs as operational rather than capital.

Funding Sources and ARPA Projects

  • Capital projects are funded through cash, bonding, or other means like grants and chapter 90 funding.
  • The ARPA strategy has been outlined with provisions for projects to be contracted by the end of 2024.
  • ARPA funding has not been promised for FY 25’s capital plan.

Capital Plan Products and Key Infrastructure Projects

  • Examples of successful capital projects include Robbins Library lighting system, an electrification study, new public works building, and various route and sidewalk improvements.
  • The upcoming Mystic Street Bridge bidding and ongoing facility upgrades such as the Robbins library bathrooms are also noted.

Department Specific Expenses (DPW, Schools, Facilities)

  • Major expenditure items include ongoing DPW facility upgrade, numerous school projects (e.g., Hardy and Bishop school roof replacements, HVAC updates), and various facilities improvements across town buildings.

Discussion and Concerns

  • During the meeting, questions were raised about items like the longevity and maintenance of current facilities, the potential impact of rising costs and taxation limits, demographic projections, and the need for prioritizing certain projects over others, such as the necessity to address ADA compliance at existing libraries and playgrounds.



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