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Park and Recreation Commission, January 23, 2024

Arlington Reservoir Bench Donation

Elizabeth Durant proposed the donation and dedication of a bench to be installed at the Arlington Reservoir. The language for the dedication conformed to the approved guidelines. The Commission discussed this proposal during the meeting.

Permitting of Alcohol Events on Property Under Park Commission Jurisdiction

The recreation director clarified that a new permitting policy for alcohol events on Park Commission properties was unnecessary as there is an existing by-law prohibiting alcohol. One-day permits are available but require Select Board approval. Commission members discussed historical context and potential considerations for non-profit organizations, but no action was required from the Commission.

Capital Updates

Robbins Farm Construction

  • Current construction is on a winter break.
  • Solutions are being sought for issues with a slide manufacturer, including concrete slide liability.
  • Equipment has a 14-week waiting period, potentially delaying the project beyond the July 4th goal.
  • Commission members and legal counsel are collaborating to address approvals and liability language.

Hills Hill mountain biking

  • Several trail design options are under consideration.
  • Compliance with funding conditions to avoid tree disruption is required.
  • Discussions continue about the pump track’s location.

Parallel and Menotomy Designs

  • Two designs for Parallel Park showcase positive changes with budgeting on track.
  • Menotomy Rocks Park awaits a public input session on February 8, where two designs will be revealed.
  • Buffer zone questions are being contemplated.

CPA & Capital

  • CPA presentations for Crosby and Menotomy are scheduled, with potential funding available from July 1.
  • Appeals for state funding assistance will be directed to Representative Sean Garballey.
  • The current Town Manager’s budget recommendations include funding allocations for upcoming fiscal years.

Rink Parking Lot Study

  • The contract for the study has been granted to Stantec.
  • Design team selection and meeting setup is underway, which will influence input from various sports organizations.
  • Discussions include traffic light improvement, Ryder Street status, and sidewalk issues.

Drake Village Connection

  • A Notice of Intent (NOI) is set for a meeting with the Conservation Commission (ConCom).
  • The Housing Authority is contributing funds for Drake Village sidewalk enhancements, and additional funding is sought.

Comments and Items for Future Meetings

The public meetings for Menotomy Rocks and Parallel parks are scheduled for February 8, to be held consecutively, with Menotomy Rocks being the first topic of discussion.

Correspondence Received

An email from Melinda Forest reported repeated off-leash dog attacks on her and her leashed dog at Hills Hill/Buck Field. The Animal Control Officer (ACO) has taken a report and is monitoring the situation.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from December 12, 2023, were tabled. However, the minutes from January 9, 2024, were approved with amendments.

New Business

Artificial Turf Committee Update

  • The safety subcommittee is examining issues such as injuries and playing conditions associated with artificial turf.
  • Subcommittees are engaging in research and may invite experts to support their findings, aiming to present reports by March 22 for the Town Meeting, despite a possible warrant article extending the deadline to October.

Recreation Department Parmenter School Update

  • The Recreation Department is preparing for the move of its offices and Kid Care programs to Parmenter School, a move supported by the Select Board.
  • The transition will enable program expansion and new offerings, utilizing a playground installed last year.
  • Pre-move preparations include discussing renovations and improvements with contractors.
  • Phased relocation plans outline the timeframe for each department, including post-move reorganizations at the rink.

Public Comment

There was no public comment section in the meeting.



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