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Zoning Board of Appeals, October 24, 2023

212 Pleasant Street Special Permit Hearing Continued

The ZBA continued the hearing for a special permit for a large addition at 212 Pleasant Street. The applicant provided an update on the average finished grade calculation, which determined the basement would not qualify as a story based on the proposed retaining wall approved by the Conservation Commission. The applicant addressed concerns raised by abutters regarding parking, drainage, gross floor area, pond access steps, and lot coverage compared to other properties.

Abutters expressed concerns about lack of communication and transparency from the applicant, safety of the parking expansion, negative impacts on neighborhood character, views, and privacy. The ZBA requested a coordinated site plan showing the parking area, front entrance stairs, retaining walls, and vehicle turning outlines. The hearing was continued to November 20 to allow time to address these requests.

40-42 Dorothy Road Special Permit and Variance Requests

The Housing Corporation of Arlington is proposing to build a modular net-zero accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on the property of an existing affordable two-family home. Variances were requested for setbacks, height, gross floor area, and parking location. The ZBA discussed concerns about meeting the legal requirements for a variance due to lack of unique site conditions. There were also questions about zoning interpretations for corner lots and front yard setbacks. The hearing was continued to November 14 to allow time to address the concerns and provide clarification.

28 Buena Vista Road Special Permit Approved

The ZBA approved a special permit for a 1272 sq ft two-story addition at 71-28 Buena Vista Road. The addition will increase existing nonconformities related to side yard setbacks by small amounts. The ZBA found the addition will be in harmony with the neighborhood, with conditions requiring a minor adjustment to the usable open space calculation.



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