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School Committee, October 26, 2023

Student Representatives Update

  • The student representatives provided updates on academics, sports, and events at the high school. The girls cross country team won the Middlesex League for the second year in a row. Fall play happening next weekend.

Dallin Elementary School Improvement Plan

  • Principal Thad Dingman presented the Dallin improvement plan. Goals include closing opportunity gaps in literacy between high needs and non-high needs students, improving classroom instruction through student discourse protocols, improving sense of belonging for LGBTQIA+ students and students with disabilities, and increasing family engagement.

Thompson Elementary School Improvement Plan

  • Principal Karen Donato presented the Thompson improvement plan. Goals align with other elementary schools: address opportunity gaps in literacy, improve classroom instruction through discourse protocols, improve sense of belonging for all students, and increase family engagement and communication with caregivers.

Heterogeneous Grouping Update

  • Matthew Janger, the principal at Arlington High School, provided an update on the heterogeneous grouping pilot program in 9th grade English classes. End of year grades remained stable compared to previous years. Participation in honors English increased significantly for African American students, students with IEPs, and overall.

Superintendent’s Update

  • Over 500 students participated in fall athletics. Launch of district professional development courses last week. Attended Deeper Learning conference. Overview of November 1st professional development day activities. Strategic plan working groups beginning to meet. Enrollment report to be discussed at Budget subcommittee meeting.

Consent Agenda

  • Approved warrant and previous meeting minutes.

Subcommittee Reports

  • Budget subcommittee to meet in early November. Community Relations subcommittee meeting November 15th. Curriculum subcommittee met and will reconvene in January. Facilities subcommittee meeting scheduled for next week.



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