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Park and Recreation Commission, September 26, 2023

McClennan Skate Park

Resident Lindsay Whitacre presented findings on the poor condition of McClennan skate park. She proposed fundraising ideas and resources to rebuild it into a safe recreational area for tweens. Recreation Director Joe  Connelly said a feasibility study is planned for 2026 but there is currently no funding. He explained the process for getting funding and doing proper planning. The commission discussed replacing unsafe features through fundraising and community projects. Member Josh Fenollosa and Mr. Connelly will meet with Ms. Whitacre about fundraising and planning. More discussion is needed on immediate safety issues and recreational needs of tweens/teens.

FY 2025 CPA Requests

Mr. Connelly said CPA funding requests are due October 6th. PRC will request funding for the Menotomy Rocks playground and Athletic Courts. The commission focused on Buzzell and Crosby parks. Buzzell’s proximity to the high school makes it ideal to replace lost school courts. Crosby is in poor condition and could allow for more courts and field renovation. Member Sarah Carrier suggested reconfiguring the Crosby design. Member Jen Rothenberg noted five courts are needed for tournaments. The commission concluded court replacement should take priority over Menotomy Rocks. Mr. Connelly will investigate additional funding sources.

The commission approved requesting CPA funding for Crosby courts replacement as the priority project.

Capital Project Review

Mr. Connelly provided updates on various projects:

  • Robbins Farm Park construction starting October
  • Hills Hill MTB tree inventory underway
  • Menotomy and Parallel design process started
  • Punchlists for recently completed projects
  • Feasibility study funds used for McClennan community gardens

New Business

Member Shirley Canniff recognized the passing of Charlie Lyons. Mr. Walker noted recent event successes. Ms. Rothenberg requested reviewing film production policies. Leslie Mayer asked about Art Commission murals.

Public Comment

Resident Mustafa Varoglu expressed concerns about dogs off-leash at Menotomy Rocks Park. Ms. Rothenberg clarified no changes were made to allow more off-leash hours. Mr. Connelly will follow up with Animal Control Officer. Liz Reisberg said the morning off-leash hours are congested but owners are making an effort to improve.



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