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Zoning Board of Appeals, May 23, 2023

  • Withdrawal of Application for 106 Varnum Street
    The board accepted the withdrawal of an application for a special permit and variance to construct a three-car parking lot at 106 Varnum Street. The applicant withdrew the application after it was determined that the project would require two variances, which the applicant did not meet the criteria for.
  • Proposal for Addition at 12 Puritan Road
    The board discussed a proposal to add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to an existing garage at 12 Puritan Road. The Department of Planning and Community Development confirmed that the proposal met the required conditions for an ADU under the zoning bylaw. The board received a public letter questioning the need for a stormwater mitigation plan due to the combined construction being more than 350 square feet. The meeting concluded without a final decision on the proposal.
  • Special Permit Application for 12 Puritan Road
    The board approved a special permit application for a property at 12 Puritan Road, subject to three standard conditions and one additional condition. The permit will allow the use of the accessory structure in the rear yard with its addition to be used as an accessory dwelling unit under the town’s bylaws.
  • Variance Request for 20 Martin Street
    The board discussed a variance request for a property at 20 Martin Street. The homeowners wished to add a dormer to the first floor, but due to the basement being counted as a full story, they required a variance. The Department of Planning Community Development’s opinion was that the proposal did not meet criteria number one and they were unclear if it met criteria number two. The meeting concluded without a final decision on the variance request.
  • Discussion on Substantial Hardship
    The committee discussed what constitutes a substantial hardship for a petitioner in terms of property use and zoning bylaws. They defined substantial hardship as a situation where the petitioner would not be able to use their property in a manner that one would typically expect.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Issue and Special Permit Request
    The committee discussed a bylaw enforcement issue and a request for a special permit for a property extension. The committee denied the variance for the property due to the majority of the committee members voting that the first criteria for a variance had not been met. The committee also denied a special permit for a property extension at 20 Martin Street but granted a special permit for a property on Oakland Avenue.
  • Special Permit Request and Upcoming Meetings
    The committee approved a special permit request for a property at 48 Oakland Avenue. They also discussed upcoming meetings and hearings, including an executive session regarding upcoming litigation related to a property, continued deliberations on Massachusetts Avenue, and a hearing for the continuation of 10 Sunny Side.



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