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Select Board, May 22, 2023

The Arlington Select Board held a meeting on May 22, 2023, in a hybrid format and included an open forum for residents to make comments. The key topics discussed were:

  • Proclamation in Honor of Retiring Veteran Services Director: The board honored the retiring veteran services director for his exemplary service to the town’s veterans and his contributions to various programs. The board proclaimed June 1, 2023, as a day in his honor and wished him well in his future endeavors.
  • Consent Agenda Approval: The board approved all items on the consent agenda, which included meeting minutes, upcoming local events, and requests for licenses.
  • Arlington Soapbox Derby Local Race: The board discussed the upcoming local race, expressing support and sharing experiences from previous races.
  • Donation from the Arlington Chamber of Commerce: The board accepted a donation for the Minuteman Bikeway Wayfinding sign, a project aimed at improving the economic development of Arlington Heights. The project is funded by a grant and an earmark grant from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Short-term Rentals Discussion: The board discussed concerns about short-term rentals operating without required approvals and the difficulty in identifying them. They agreed to have further discussions on this issue in the coming months.
  • Complaint about Short-term Rental Property: The board discussed a complaint about a short-term rental property being used for commercial purposes. They emphasized the importance of short-term rental owners registering with the town and the state.
  • Request to Repair Private Ways: The board approved a request to repair private ways in the Village Lane area.
  • Reappointment Policy for the Minuteman School Committee: The board discussed the reappointment policy for the Minuteman School Committee and other direct select board appointments. They agreed that a policy should be implemented but did not make a final decision on what that policy should be.
  • Overnight Parking Pilot Program Proposal: The board discussed a proposal for an overnight parking pilot program. They agreed to continue discussing the proposal and to seek feedback from the police department and other relevant offices.
  • Parking Permit System Proposal: The board discussed a proposal to implement a new parking permit system in the town. They expressed concerns about the potential unexpected impact of issuing 200 permits and called for expert advice from the police department, the town manager’s office, and other relevant offices on the feasibility and likely impact of the proposal.
  • Recognition of Local Services: The board recognized the work of a local crossing guard who was awarded the Crossing Guard Champions award. They also expressed their gratitude to the local fire department for their work in extinguishing a potentially dangerous fire on Dudley Street and responding to a health issue in the local community.
  • Upcoming Memorial Day Veteran Services Event: The committee discussed the upcoming Memorial Day event organized by the town’s Veteran Services Director. The event will feature a talk by Major General William Rapp, an Arlington resident, and will be broadcasted and replayed by ACMI for those who cannot attend in person.

The meeting concluded with the committee members expressing their desire to continue the discussion on the pilot program and other issues at future meetings.



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