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Zoning Board of Appeals, May 28, 2024

Decision for 165 Franklin Street

The board has reviewed and, finding no further comments, approved the written decision on a special permit for a large addition to 165 Franklin Street.

Decision for 36 Peabody Road

Similarly, the decision for 36 Peabody Road, written by Adam Leblanc and after board’s queries and comments, was approved without additional remarks.

Decision for 70 Robbins Road

The decision for 70 Robbins Road was also vetted by the board for questions and comments and was approved in its final form as presented to the board.

Decision for 57 Beacon Street

Lastly, the decision for 57 Beacon Street, crafted by Mr. Hanlon, saw no further questions or comments, leading to its approval by the board.

Continuance for 84 Hillside Avenue and 49 Valentine Road

The hearings for both 84 Hillside Avenue and 49 Valentine Road have been continued to June 25, 2024, at 07:30 p.m. The applicants for 84 Hillside Avenue are seeking solutions for the issue of a second driveway on their property, while the applicant for 49 Valentine Road is exploring additional parking options on-site.

3840 Milton Street

The board conducted a remote meeting, wherein the primary focus was Docket 3790 for 3840 Milton Street. Changes included in the revised drawings since the last meeting were details of an overhang at the front of the house and adjustments to the staircase layout in the driveway. The applicant clarified the dimensions and affirmed that the driveway width would remain alike, without moving closer to the sideline.

Significant discussion arose regarding the enclosure of an existing open porch on the front of the property at the first floor. It highlighted town expectations, desire for aesthetically pleasant modifications, and concerns over setting precedence for similar expansions that may affect the character of the neighborhood. The board discussed potential conditions to ensure the enclosed space maintains an “open porch” appearance.

Another point of contention was the calculation method for usable open space, with the quote “triangular method” discussed in the meeting. The board decided to defer to the judgment of the building inspector with conditions laid out to ensure clarity in the decision.

After much deliberation and with some conditions and stipulations added, the board voted to approve the special permit for 3840 Milton Street, ensuring that the final decision will be voted at a subsequent meeting.

The next meeting of the board is tentatively scheduled for June 11 for a brief session to vote on the final written decision, with further new applications potentially discussed on June 25, 2024.



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