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Finance Committee, May 01, 2024

Departmental Budgets and Capital Plan Budget

The schedule for the upcoming departmental budgets and capital plan budget discussions was set for Monday night. They were anticipating possible discussions on collective bargaining agreements, with one definite and two probable agreements in play. Members were advised to expect materials by the end of the week in preparation for Monday’s potential discussions and votes, crucial for the town meeting.

End of Year Dinner Plans

The committee touched upon planning for the end-of-year dinner, including selecting a location. The police station was suggested as a potential venue, considering its deck space. The tentative date for the dinner was proposed for May 17th, with discussions on ensuring it doesn’t conflict with committee members’ schedules.

Training and Education on the Budget Process

Annie shared her experience about training new town meeting members, emphasizing the importance of understanding that the budget starts as the town manager’s but ultimately is in the hands of the Finance Committee. She encouraged questions in advance, especially for articles that are consistent each year.

Public Involvement and Transparency

The issue of encouraging public involvement in the financial process was discussed. While the Finance Committee welcomes comments via email, there was acknowledgment that this process might not be as effective as desired in influencing budget decisions at an earlier stage.

Timing of Community Input and Meetings

A suggestion was made to have a public meeting immediately after town meeting to review the budget process and to educate town meeting members and the public alike. Another meeting in the fall, before budget development, was suggested to allow for public input on priorities and policies. School committee methods of holding early public hearings to solicit public input on budgets were cited as a good model for engaging the community effectively.

Strategy for Community Engagement

There was a consensus on the need for improved early engagement with the public and within the committee itself. It was noted that while the Finance Committee doesn’t set policy, members do influence policy through their discussions with department heads and the town manager during the budget season.

Future Planning

In terms of forward planning, it was acknowledged that the long-range planning committee begins meeting around September or October, and this might be an opportune time for a public hearing to inform the community of projected budgets for the upcoming year.

Alcohol Policy for End of Year Dinner

The possibility of serving alcohol at the police station during the end of year dinner was briefly mentioned but immediately dismissed because it is probably not permissible. The conversation indicated a need to explore alternative options for the dinner location.



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