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Zoning Board of Appeals, April 09, 2024

Docket 3779: 9 Morton Road

The board accepted a motion to withdraw the application for 9 Morton Road without prejudice. The applicants decided to put the project on pause due to its complexity and cost.

Docket 3781: 165 Franklin Street

The applicant presented revised plans for 165 Franklin Street, addressing previous feedback. The adjustments included a more compact footprint, reduced building height to 27ft 4 inches above average grade, and the creation of a hierarchical structure with a proposed addition read as a “barn” connected to the smaller backhouse. The architect emphasized the lot size being almost double the required amount in the R2 zone, and the site coverage being below the allowed limit. Concerns about the project’s harmony with the neighborhood and excessive height were raised by the community during the public comment period. The board deliberated on the importance of the addition’s harmoniousness with existing structures, considering dimensions, setbacks, and the conformity with the purposes of the bylaw. After significant discussion, the board agreed to grant a continuance to allow the applicants to make substantial revisions and present a new proposal that would consider reducing the size and perceived mass of the addition.

Docket 3788: 7D Robbins Road

For 7D Robbins Road, the applicants did not appear for the hearing. The proposed project entailed enclosing three-quarters of the front porch into the living room area. Due to the applicants’ absence at the meeting, the board agreed to defer the hearing to a later date, allowing the applicants another chance to present their case.

The next scheduled hearing for the board is Tuesday, April 30, when new items will be heard, and board elections will occur. The continued hearings for Franklin Street and Robbins Road are scheduled for Tuesday, May 14.



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