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Redevelopment Board, April 01, 2024

Deliberation and Vote on the Redevelopment Board Rules and Regulations

A continuation of the public hearing for the Redevelopment Board Rules and Regulations was opened, with proposed changes to Rules 18 and 20 being the main subject. Following suggestions by board members, minor modifications were made to Rule 18 regarding the inclusion of photos from adjacent properties and Rule 20 to inquire about special site conditions impacting design, such as known contamination or need for remediation. A motion to adopt the changes, as amended, was made, seconded, and the changes were unanimously approved.

Redevelopment Board Report to 2024 Annual Town Meeting

The board discussed and voted on the report to the 2024 Annual Town Meeting. Amendments to the discussions on various articles, primarily concerning the wording about the Neighborhood Multifamily Subdistrict and other minor clarifications, were proposed and accepted. A correction was also accepted to ensure the language matches previously adopted terminology. A motion to approve the report, as amended and subject to a final check with the Conservation Commission on a specific point, was made, seconded, and unanimously passed.

Open Forum

The Open Forum segment of the meeting saw no participants and, therefore, was closed without discussion.

New Business

The director of the Department of Planning and Community Development informed the board that a special town meeting was proposed to revote on the MBTA community’s overlay map, which was returned by the Attorney General’s office for re-approval. The board will need to hold a hearing on this and confirm the schedule.

Additionally, members brought up the need to appoint someone from the board to the Arlington Master Plan Update Committee, to align calendars for a joint meeting with the select board planned for June or September, and to revisit the outreach schedule for the Arlington Heights rezoning. Updates were also requested on the status of the Abbott House project and the progression of discussions on potential Planned Unit Developments (PUDs).

The board agreed to adjourn the meeting with a unanimous vote.



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