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Zoning Board of Appeals, August 15, 2023

All members were present.

Approval of Minutes and Decisions

The Board approved minutes from previous meetings held on May 23, March 20, and February 20, all in 2023. They also approved final decisions in two dockets: 18 Robin Hood Road and 14 Oakland Avenue.

Hearing for 10 Sunnyside Avenue

The main hearing was to review the draft decision prepared for 10 Sunnyside Avenue. The Board aimed to ensure all facts were accurate and they had all necessary information to make an informed decision. The decision was due no later than Sunday, September 24, with the first deliberation session scheduled for Tuesday, September 5.

Comprehensive Permit Application

The meeting focused on the application for a comprehensive permit under General Laws chapter 40 B, sections 20 to 23. The Board of Appeals is the permit granting authority for all local approvals necessary for the project to move forward. The board was leaning towards approving the application with conditions to address issues of local concern.

Construction Project Discussion

The committee discussed various aspects of a construction project in the town, including building security, public access, trash removal, vegetation management, and transportation management policies and procedures. The project was initially proposed to be all-electric, except for the hot water, which would be serviced by natural gas. The committee also discussed the installation of underground utilities and the hours of construction.

Comprehensive Permit for Development Project

The committee focused on discussing the details of a comprehensive permit for a proposed development project. They discussed various aspects of the project, including stormwater management, parking requirements, soil testing, setback requirements, and waivers.

Waiver Request Discussion

The committee focused on a waiver request from an applicant. They emphasized the importance of specificity in the waiver proposal to avoid potential claims of arbitrary and capricious behavior. The committee also discussed the need for a clear description of the alternative compliance path.

Resident Concerns and Committee Response

Residents expressed concerns about the size of the proposed project, the number of waivers required, and the project’s potential impact on transportation. The committee acknowledged receipt of a letter from the concerned citizens of Michael Street and addressed several points raised in the letter.

Meeting Adjournment

The meeting concluded with a motion to close the public hearing and schedule the first day of deliberations for September 5, 2023. The committee thanked the applicant and the residents for their cooperation and input throughout the process.



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