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Police blotter: Assault at Whole Foods, Injury on Bikeway

Inside Arlington selected the following incident reports from the Arlington Police Department logs through August 16.

OUI Arrest – August 10

A Southbridge man was arrested and booked by Arlington Police for driving while intoxicated. Police were dispatched at approximately 2 a.m. to find a Toyota RAV4 parked on a Lake Street sidewalk. Inside the car, the driver appeared asleep at the wheel. When roused, he was confused, slurred his words and was unable to answer basic questions. He refused a standard field sobriety test and medical attention and was booked and processed for his second OUI offense.

Injury on Bike Path – August 11

A woman who fell and hurt her arm on the Minuteman Bikeway said she had been forced off the path by a group of teenagers who were occupying the entire width of the Minuteman while headed in the opposite direction. Arlington rescue rendered aid to her left arm; she was transported to a local hospital.

Identity Fraud – August 11

A resident of Newport Street reported receiving a call from a bank about an account they had never opened. The resident called the bank back and learned that an account existed in their name and with their social security number.

Missing Person Found – August 11

Officers responded at approximately 9 p.m. to a Hobbs Court report of a missing child. The parent reported that her 14-year-old daughter was missing after she had been at the movies in Brookline. At 10 p.m. officers were contacted again and told that the girl had returned home.

Assault at Whole Foods – August 13

A Watertown man employed at Whole Foods on Mass Ave was arrested after punching and swinging a piece of equipment at a customer. The employee fled the store and was involved in a hit and run before being apprehended in Belmont. The accused was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and with leaving the scene of property damage.

Dog Bites Dog – August 15

A resident walking their dog on Mass Ave reported that another dog, which had been tied to a bike rack, bit their dog. The animal control officer spoke to the offending dog’s owner and provided information about proper leashing and muzzling and informed both owners that their dogs would need to be quarantined at their homes. The officer documented quarantine intake and will follow up with the state when the dogs can be released. The bitten dog was examined by a vet.

Breaking and Entering – August 15

An officer responded to a call from a Wyman Terrace resident reporting that approximately 10 teenagers had entered a home under renovation and broken a window. The officer located the teenagers nearby and confronted them. After denying they had been in the building, the teenagers admitted they had been, but denied breaking anything. The officer identified all the parties, contacted their parents and documented their names for the school resource officer. Police are investigating.

-Written by Inside Arlington based on information provided by APD


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