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Police Blotter: Dogs, damage and identity theft


Inside Arlington selected the following incident reports from the Arlington Police Department logs through August 9.

August 1 – Threats at Drake Village

Two residents alleged that they had been threatened by the other by text message. The residents were advised to keep away from each other.

August 2 – Dogs at Menotomy Rocks Park

The Animal Control Officer encountered a dog owner with an off-leash animal during non-off leash hours. When the officer encounters someone breaking dog regulations for the first time, she hands them a brochure and explains the rules. The person was advised. No formal action was taken.

August 2 – Shoplifting at Walgreens

The manager of the Walgreens in East Arlington reported observing a man enter the store under the pretense of shopping. The manager witnessed the man put items in his backpack and leave on a bicycle. Police reviewed the video, confirmed he matched the manager’s description, but the video did not show the alleged shoplifting. Officers did not recognize the suspect. The APD will take images from the video and send them to nearby towns to see if the suspect is recognized elsewhere. Walgreens is one of Arlington’s top targets for shoplifters.

August 3 – Fireworks on Washington Street

A resident reported a party shooting fireworks out of a white SUV on Washington Street and gave police the vehicle’s registration number. Officers went to the street, found the SUV, and confronted people standing beside it. Suspects confirmed they had been using fireworks, which are illegal in Massachusetts. A male party was cited and will be charged with the unlawful possession of fireworks.

August 4 – Suspicious Person on Hibbert Street

A juvenile reported that a man in a van approached and offered him candy. He went home and told his parents, who called the police. The police canvased the neighborhood and checked available video footage. They found no man and no van.

August 4 – Property Damage on Pine Ridge Road

A resident reported that someone had collided with their vehicle, which was parked on the street, and left the scene without identifying themselves.  

August 7 – Malicious damage to tree on Scituate Street

A resident reported that someone has been ripping limbs off a town tree planted in front of their home in 2019.

August 9 – Identity Fraud on Warren Street

A resident reported that they had received a debit card in the mail for an account that they did not open. After contacting the bank to request the account be closed, and setting up credit alerts with all three credit bureaus, the person reported the incident to police.

-Written by Inside Arlington based on information provided by APD


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