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Zoning Board of Appeals, August 01, 2023

10 Sunnyside Avenue Comprehensive Permit: The board focused on the request for a comprehensive permit at 10 Sunnyside Avenue. The board discussed various aspects of the proposed project, including the drain line, construction management plan, emergency vehicle access, loading and unloading provisions, garage door placement, water and sewer demands, and stormwater analysis. The board’s consultant provided an overview of these topics, noting that all concerns raised were addressable without compromising the project. The board plans to focus on the language of a draft comprehensive permit in the next meeting scheduled for August 15th.

  • Closing the Hearing Process: The board discussed the process of closing the hearing, noting that the record would remain open for written comments until the hearing is closed. Once closed, the board will begin the deliberations phase and will be required to render a decision within 40 days.
  • Affordable Housing Project: The committee discussed a 100% affordable housing project funded by public funds. The project includes a revised waiver list, a shadow study, a second floor roof deck, and site issues including the sewer and drainage system. The committee agreed to continue refining the parking plan. The committee also agreed to work out the solution in coordination with the abutters for the removal of retaining walls next to abutting properties.
  • Stormwater Mitigation Plan: The committee discussed the stormwater mitigation plan. The stormwater would be pre-treated before being conveyed to a dry well and then discharged into the municipal drainage system. The system is designed to handle the maximum flow of water for a 100-year storm event.
  • Public Street Shade Trees Irrigation: A resident raised the question of whether the applicant had considered providing irrigation for the public street shade trees that would line the sidewalk. The committee responded that there were no funds allocated for this in the project budget but they were committed to keeping the trees alive and would find methods within their budget to do so.
  • Driveway Width and Electric Parking Charging Stations: The committee discussed the width of the driveway and the provision of electric parking charging stations with accessibility requirements. The applicant requested a waiver for a driveway width of 22 feet, which aligns with the zoning code in the greater Boston area for interior structured parking. They also confirmed their intention to balance the number of electric vehicle charging spaces with the number of accessible spaces.
  • Next Meeting and Deliberation Dates: The next meeting is scheduled for August 15th, 2023, and deliberation dates for September 5th and 12th, 2023. The public is invited to these meetings, but they will not be able to provide input during the deliberation meetings in September.



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