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Large Additions; Tree Health and Safety

Zoning Board of Appeals, June 27, 2023

The meeting was presided over by the Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair.

  • Renovation and Addition at 60 High Haith Road
    The board discussed a proposed renovation and expansion of a house at 60 High Haith Road. The house is planned to be renovated and expanded to accommodate the homeowners’ needs, including space for working from home. The proposed addition is larger than 750 square feet, requiring a special permit application. The homeowners aim to make the house as low-carbon as possible, with plans for insulation, triple-pane windows, 100% electrification, and solar power. The board suggested that the homeowners investigate whether the street they have been parking on is a public or private way, as this could impact parking arrangements. The board did not make a final decision during the meeting.

  • Large Addition to a Property
    The committee discussed a proposed large addition to a property, focusing on the addition of parking to the site and the impact on trees on the property. The committee agreed to require a tree plan and consultation with the town tree warden before proceeding with the development. The development must be approved by the warden and done by a certified arborist. The committee voted to approve the development, subject to these conditions.

  • Addition at 14 Oakland Avenue
    The committee discussed a proposal for an addition to a house at 14 Oakland Avenue. The homeowners proposed to add a family room on the first floor and a primary suite on the second floor. The proposal also included moving the mechanicals and utilities into the new space. The homeowners requested relief under the variance portion, arguing that the significant difference in elevation from one portion of the property to the other constituted a hardship relating to the land. They also filed for a special permit. The committee did not make a decision during the meeting.

  • Addition to a Residential Property
    The committee held a meeting to discuss a proposed addition to a residential property. The homeowners are seeking to add an extension to accommodate their growing family. The proposed addition would be an extension of the home’s in-ground garage, creating a two-and-a-half-story addition. The committee encouraged the homeowners to work closely with the Inspectional Services Department to ensure all parties are on the same page. The homeowners requested a continuance to the next meeting of the zoning board, which was granted. 

  • Health and Safety of Trees
    The committee discussed the health and safety of trees in the town. They suggested that if a tree is sick or dying, it should be removed by the town as it could pose a safety hazard. They also discussed the possibility of homeowners requesting a street tree for their property.

  • Public Hearing and Special Permit
    The committee closed the public hearing after a thorough discussion. They considered granting a special permit for a large addition to a house, with the condition that the applicants consult with the tree warden to formulate a tree plan. The motion to approve the construction of the addition was made and seconded, and the committee voted in favor of it.

The meeting was adjourned with a unanimous vote. The chair thanked everyone for their participation and expressed anticipation for the next meeting, scheduled for July 11th.



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