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Liquor licenses, blue bikes and a Middle Eastern Dance Show

Arlington Select Board – July 17, 2023

  • Approval of Special One-Day Beer and Wine Licenses

The Board approved special one-day beer and wine licenses for several events, including a Town Manager retirement party at Robinson Memorial Town Hall, the Beach Concert Series and Beer Gardens at Reservoir Beach, and a private event at Robinson Memorial Town Hall. A request for a license for an event called Reservoir Dogs at Reservoir Beach was also discussed, and it was confirmed that there would be no beer garden at Jason Russell House on the same day.

  • Approval of Middle Eastern Dance Show

The Board approved a Middle Eastern Dance Show at Whittemore Park, scheduled for August 17, 2023. The event had previously been held successfully at Broadway Plaza and had received a cash grant from the Arlington Cultural Council.

  • Approval of Common Victualler License for Turmeric House

The Board approved a common victualer license for a new restaurant called Turmeric House, located at 444 Massachusetts Avenue. The restaurant, which will serve Indian and Nepali cuisine, is taking over an existing business. The Board reminded the owners to coordinate with the town hall rules, particularly regarding delivery times, to avoid inconveniencing nearby residents.

  • Discussion on All-Alcohol Package Store License for NICON 232 Incorporated

The Board discussed the approval of an all-alcohol package store license for NICON 232 Incorporated. The proposed store would be a boutique wine store featuring craft beers and premium wines. The store would not sell single-serve bottles, kegs, malt liquor, lottery tickets, cigarettes, or candy. The Board invited further public comments and stated that the applicant would be given an opportunity to respond at the conclusion of the public comment period.

  • Discussion on New Business License

The Board discussed issuing a license for a new business. The Board raised concerns about the building’s compliance with zoning regulations and environmental concerns, particularly due to its previous use as a dry cleaning establishment. The Board also discussed the need for the business to manage parking effectively to avoid inconveniencing the neighbors.

  • Approval of New Liquor License

The Board approved a new liquor license application, with the condition that the applicant applies for the necessary zoning relief within six months. The Board also approved parking restrictions and corresponding signage for electric bus and vehicle charging stations at the Ottoson Middle School.

  • Discussion on Use of Specific Language in Town Authority and Allocation of ARPA Funds

The Board discussed the use of the word “may” instead of “could” in the context of town authority, with the consensus being that “may” was clearer. The Board also approved the expansion of the Blue Bike station, with two new stations to be installed, including at Arlington High School. The majority of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the allocation of ARPA funds. The Board voted to receive the ARPA budget update and to incorporate the overnight parking pilot into the parking policy regulations.

  • Appointment of Acting Town Manager and Farewell to Retiring Member

The Board appointed Town Attorney Doug Heim as the acting town manager for the period of July 29th to July 31st. The Board also took the opportunity to thank the outgoing town manager, Sandy Pooler, for his service to the town of Arlington. The Board wished him a happy retirement and looked forward to celebrating his career at a retirement party on July 27th.

  • Conclusion of Meeting

The Board concluded their business for the evening with a suggestion to decide the second meeting date in September at their next meeting.



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