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Zoning Board of Appeals, May 30, 2023

  • Approval of Decision for 84 Oakland Avenue

The board unanimously approved the written decision for 84 Oakland Avenue, a case previously heard by the board. The decision was drafted by a board member, reviewed by the board, and finalized on the day of the meeting.

  • Comprehensive Permit for 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue

The board closed the public hearing for the comprehensive permit for 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue, initiating a 40-day period for the board to consider and render a decision. The board’s deliberations were held openly and publicly, but they could not accept comments from the applicant, the board’s peer review consultants, or the public. The board had three possible votes: approve the comprehensive permit without conditions, approve the comprehensive permit with conditions, or deny the comprehensive permit application.

  • Edits to the Draft Decision

The board discussed edits to the draft decision, including clarifying how numbers are noted, consolidating language regarding the riverfront area, and simplifying language regarding the condominium master deed and trust. The board also discussed the requirement for the condominium documents to include provisions for potential additional electric vehicle charging stations. The board decided to delete the condition for a bond due to lack of thorough conversation with the applicant.

  • Comprehensive Permit Application for 50 Condominium Units at 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue

The committee discussed a comprehensive permit application for the construction of 50 condominium units and commercial space at 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue. The committee focused on the provision of additional trees to be included in the project. The committee agreed that the applicant would only be required to provide the trees, not plant them, and that the town would be responsible for finding a location for them. The committee approved the comprehensive permit application with the stated conditions.

  • Next Meetings

The committee scheduled the next comprehensive permit hearing for June 13 and a regular hearing for June 20.



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