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Zoning Board of Appeals, May 11, 2023

  • Approval of Decisions for Various Properties

The board discussed and unanimously approved the written decisions for five properties: 90 Brentwood Road, 11 Pine Ridge Road, 39 Sunny Side Avenue, 25 Teal Street, and 15 Grand View Road. The board had previously held hearings on these properties and distributed the written decisions for questions and comments before approval.

  • Discussion on Comprehensive Permit for 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue

The board focused on the comprehensive permit for 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue. The public hearing for this project had been closed, initiating a 40-day period for the board to consider and render a decision. The board discussed the draft decision, which included details about the application, public hearing, and location of the property. The proposed project consists of 50 home ownership condominium units and commercial space. The board had three voting options: approve the comprehensive permit without conditions, approve it with conditions, or deny it. The board had to issue a decision by June 4th or request an extension from the applicant.

The committee discussed the applicant’s request for a waiver of certain regulations, including the maximum height requirement, floor area ratio requirement, and parking space requirements. The committee also discussed the term “return” in the context of development costs, with the clarification that a reasonable return is not making more than a 20% return on total costs for an ownership project.

  • Discussion on Restoration Work Adjacent to Millbrook

The committee discussed the restoration work adjacent to Millbrook, which is being counted against the conservation commission and the tree bylaw. The committee debated whether the restoration work should count towards both, with some members arguing that it would be an unnecessary burden for the developers to pay for additional street trees.

  • Discussion on Earth Removal Plan

The committee discussed an earth removal plan associated with construction projects. The committee members deliberated on whether to maintain or modify a condition that requires the applicant to prepare an earth removal plan showing all necessary cuts and fills and describing the number of truck trips necessary for the earth removal.

  • Discussion on Scheduling Conflicts and Future Meetings

The committee discussed scheduling conflicts and the possibility of continuing the meeting to Thursday, May 25th, at 8 PM. They also considered the option of holding the next meeting on Tuesday, May 30th, should they not complete their agenda on the 25th. The committee also discussed the need to plan for the summer schedule and the availability of the members during this time. They emphasized the need to move forward in an orderly but quick manner on their projects.

The meeting concluded with a vote to continue the meeting for 1021-1027 Massachusetts Avenue to Thursday, May 25th, at 8 PM. The committee thanked everyone for their participation and patience throughout the meeting and expressed their anticipation for the next meeting on Tuesday.



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