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Arlington Redevelopment Board, June 26, 2023

  • Postponement of Public Hearing for Calyx Peak at 251 Summer Street
    The board agreed to postpone the public hearing for Calyx Peak cannabis dispensary until August 28, 2023, despite concerns about the busy schedule for the August meeting. The proponent for Calyx Peak requested the postponement to resolve some site issues.
  • Approval of Meeting Schedule for July-December 2023
    The board approved the proposed meeting schedule for the remainder of the year, noting that October meetings might change depending on the Fall Town Meeting’s final date. The board also considered adding specific public meetings related to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority communities to the schedule.
  • Discussion on Memorandum of Understanding for Former Arlington Redevelopment Board Properties
    The board discussed a new draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU, which had undergone extensive changes, clarified the board’s role in the development uses of the properties while transitioning custody to the town manager. The board unanimously authorized the chair to execute the MOU.
  • Progress and Future Plans of the MBTA Communities Working Group
    The committee discussed the latest version of the development and zoning changes map and the positive public feedback received. They also discussed potential impacts on the town’s housing capacity, the importance of maintaining commercial and industrial zoning, and the need for further refinement of their plans.
  • Future Development of Arlington
    The committee discussed the potential for growth in the side streets and the Arlington Heights business district. They also discussed the potential for rezoning certain areas and the potential for mixed-use zoning along Massachusetts Avenue and Broadway. The committee expressed a desire for a unanimous vote on the redevelopment board.
  • Discussion on Site Plan Review Process, Design Guidelines, and Inclusion Area Zoning
    The committee discussed the site plan review process, the possibility of updating the residential design guidelines, and the possibility of administrative review for three-family units. They also discussed the need for design guidelines for larger buildings and public engagement and outreach once the recommendations are made to the redevelopment board.
  • Discussion on New Business
    The committee did not discuss any specific new business. The upcoming Massachusetts Vision Coalition of Arlington working groups meeting was mentioned, but no details were provided. The meeting concluded with a vote to adjourn.



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